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Safe for you, safe for your family & pets and safe for your planet. Paints for your exterior and interior Walls & Ceilings and furniture. Wood Sealers for exterior & interior use. Clean and Care products for your home. All non-toxic, natural and biodegradable products. And not to miss, Junior Paints for the little ones! Plant-based & food safe!

Let’s breathe easy and paint a greener future!

Interior & Exterior Wood Stains & Sealers
Stain & Seal in one – Decks & Pergolas, Jungle Gyms, Wendy Houses and any wooden structures, Floors, Furniture and all – see our wood finishes and all their colours to beautify and protect all types of timber, bamboo, cork and more. We offer Customized Colours & Colour Matching for your successful project – please contact us!

Interior & Exterior Paint
Our water-based Wall, Ceiling and Enamel paints are eco-friendly, non-toxic, Lead, VOC-& Cobalt – free, sustainable and biodegradable – today’s demands are all met, you paint a greener future and your clients can breathe easy! 

Have a glance at our chart or contact us and we create your desired colour. 

Maintenance & Cleaning
Non-toxic, natural but highly effective! We offer a great variety of cleaners for wood, stone & glass so you can protect your surfaces from wear & tear and your guests from grease, germs and bacteria. Browse the Essentials & Clean & Care sections in our online store. 

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Catalogues & Charts

Technical Data Sheets

  • Opus Ebony - Ebonizer
    Timber Treatments

    Opus Ebony – Ebonizer

    R349.00R1,690.00 Select options
  • Timber Treatments

    Opus Ebony – Ebonizing Kit

    R75.00R3,250.00 Select options
  • ProNature HardWax Oil
    Timber Treatments

    HardWax Oil

    R329.00R2,650.00 Select options
  • wood care
    Clean & Care

    Furniture Care Set

    R395.00 Add to basket
  • Clean & Care

    Wooden Floor Cleaner

    R69.00R289.00 Select options
  • Essentials

    Wood Reviver Kit

    R149.00R595.00 Select options
  • Clean & Care

    Wood Cleaner

    R49.00R289.00 Select options
  • Clean & Care

    Wax Balm

    R149.00R2,850.00 Select options
  • Clean & Care

    Softwood Lye

    R119.00R495.00 Select options
  • Clean & Care

    Plant Soap Concentrate

    R75.00R439.00 Select options
  • Timber Treatments

    Outdoor Wood Sealer

    R195.00R1,595.00 Select options
  • Timber Treatments

    Oil Colour Concentrate

    R105.00R2,245.00 Select options
  • Timber Treatments

    Wood Sealer Sample

    R75.00 Select options
  • Timber Treatments

    Indoor Wood Sealer

    R195.00R1,595.00 Select options
  • Clean & Care

    Hardwood Lye

    R119.00R495.00 Select options
  • Clean & Care

    Care Oil

    R219.00R1,690.00 Select options

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