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ProNature is still the first and only manufacturer of pure natural paints, sealers and maintenance products in South Africa, a privately-owned company, manufacturing in Cape Town since 1998.

All our products are of highest quality, locally manufactured to European standards, based on more than 40 years of international paint chemistry experience.

From timber sealers in an extensive colour range, to wood & wall paints to stone finishes and maintenance & care products, we make it all. Our passionate team is always keen to create your own customized colour or matching an existing one for your extensions.

ProNature products contain only natural and  sustainable ingredients to produce non-toxic, VOC-free,  ecologically sound products, which are harmless to the  health of humans, animals and the eco- system.

ProNature, it’s time! Let’s paint a greener future!

The Green Chemist:

Bernhard Lembeck is the creator of ProNature. He holds more than 40 years of paint chemistry experience. Born and raised in Wuppertal (Germany), his first professional positions were in the chemical paint industry. Once venturing to South Africa his dream was to introduce natural paints to the far South. His entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create sustainable healthy products led to the opening of ProNature in 1998.

The Team:

Our family sized team is the CEO/Head Chemist, the COO, Key Accountant, Front Desk Manager, Factory Manager, Assistant Chemist, two Factory assistants and two marketing wizards. A fantastic group with individual expertise, all having one vision – to create a greener future in South Africa.

Pronature Halloween Painted Pumpkin

DIY Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Transform any pumpkin into Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas with no mess and no fuss! Just paint the pumpkin, with ProNature’s fast drying wall paint and you have a unique jack-o-lantern in no time.

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Organic Paint

Organic Paints – Greenwashing of the Worst Kind or How to mislead your clients

When calling something organic or natural the general public expects to receive materials which are derived from a non-toxic, sustainable and eco-friendly managed source. This source must be managed by organic or at least bio-dynamic principles which do refrain from the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or additives and which are not genetically modified. The definition “organic” is hence predominantly used when talking about foodstuffs.

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