Our Product Range

Timber Treatments

Nature gave us this wonderful material and we can make it look the way you like it. Seal and stain all your timber with our interior & exterior sealers, nourish it with our oil, waxes & cleaners. Find your colour in our big range and if you don’t - we’ll make it for you. For the Love of Your Wood.

Wall & Wood Paints

Our natural Wall & Wood Paints are durable, UV resistant, water repellant, odourless, VOC free and safe.  Safe for you, safe for your children and safe for our planet. Not only do we have paint for all surfaces but also a huge colour range & if your favourite tint is not amongst the many we offer.

COVID-19 Essentials

Home & Business Essentials

Special products, which you don’t need on a daily basis but when you need it - we’ve got it. Products to kill your mould, revive your ageing wood and all the extra goodies you need for painting. Come, have a look!

Clean & Care

Gentle enough to use every day, our natural products are the effective cleaning solution for your home & garden. Watch this space - we are extending our range to fulfill our customers ever-growing wishes.

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