ProNature Rock is a specially formulated, quality coating to give long-lasting protection on all interior and exterior, stonework, terra cotta tiles, clay & lime plaster, slate and face brick

Rock - Stone Sealer



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For the impregnation and sealing of terra cotta tiles, slate, masonry, travertine, concrete, face brick and clay and lime plaster and many other mineral substrates.

Stir material well before application.
ProNature Rock is applied liberally using a brush or short bristle paint roller. In order to avoid glossy spots, it is important to remove any excess that has not been absorbed after about 15 min using a lint-free cloth or suitable machinery. Leave to dry for 12 hrs.
Then apply second coat of ProNature Rock. Remove any excess that has not been absorbed after about 15 min and leave to dry. Normally two coats of ProNature Rock are sufficient. Very absorbent surfaces like terra cotta tiles will need further applications. Cotta tiles should be treated until complete saturation is achieved. Allow drying times of 12 hrs in-between coatings.

For the first two weeks’ floors should not be cleaned wet but only swept. There after floors are cleaned with a neutral soap solution and wiped with a damp cloth only. ProNature Rock is spot repairable and should small damages from wear or scratching occur just clean the area thoroughly and sand concerned area lightly with steel wool or fine scouring pad. Remove dust and apply a thin layer ofProNature Rock with a soft cloth, remove any excess that has not been absorbed after about 15 min. Leave to dry for approx. 12 hrs. The treated area should not be walked on for 48 hours.

Linseed oil, gum rosin, and plant oils, essential oils, lead-free driers.
Note: Natural products are not odour and emission free. Consider possible allergies!
TVOC (total volatile organic content) = 547.73 g/litre

Caution: Product is inflammable! Soaked, used cloths may spontaneously combust, and should be spread open, or kept safely in a tightly sealed tin after use.

Rock Paint Technical Data Sheet

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1L, 5L