ProNature Plaster Primer is an Interior and exterior waterborne natural resin-based wall primer. To be used for the pretreatment of very absorbent or unevenly absorbing mineral substrates (plaster, concrete etc.)

Plaster Primer



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Wood should be finely sanded and all surfaces must be clean, dust- and oil free. Care must also be taken to provide a neutral surface. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-treat mineral surfaces with an acid wash (follow supplier instructions!). As a natural acid wash simply use some vinegar or citric acid (15%) dissolved in water. Rinse acid washed surfaces well and leave to dry. Fill holes and cracks with a suitable material before ProNature Plaster Primer is applied.
ProNature Plaster Primer is ready for use.
The plaster primer can be applied by brush, roller, foam pad or suitable spraying equipment.
Allow 12- 24 hours drying time (depending on ambient temperatures) between coats or before over-coating with ProNature Wall.
ProNature Plaster Primer fully dries within 12 -14 hours and reaches its final maturity after about 4 weeks.
Clean tools with water. For partially dried product assist water cleaning with ProNature Plant Soap

Water, Linseed oil, Sunflower oil, Casein, Borates, Cellulose ether, Calcium carbonate, Kaolin, Pigments of natural occurrence or non-toxic mineral pigments, Essential oils Note: Natural products are not odour and emission free. Consider possible allergies!
TVOC (total volatile organic content) = 0.987 g/litre

Plaster Primer Technical Data Sheet

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1L, 5L, 20L


White, Clear