This is an all-natural universal cleaning agent that cleans all kinds of surfaces, tools and even makes a good hand soap and dish washing liquid. You can use ProNature Plant Soap in full concentration or diluted in warm water depending on your desired application. Clean your floors, tools or paint brushes with an all-natural formulation made right here in South Africa by ProNature. Plant Soap can tackle heavy dirt with ease, adds a slight protective layer to your surfaces and gives you peace of mind as it is safe for your family and the earth.

Plant Soap Concentrate



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Universal cleaning agent for all surfaces with light protective action.

Where to use ProNature Plant Soap?

Use ProNature Plant Soap for oiled and waxed surfaces, ceramics, stoneware, unglazed tiles, plastics, linoleum, and stainless steel. Also suitable for cleaning of tools like brushes and rollers as well as hand soap and dishwashing liquid.

Dilute Plant Soap in warm water or use concentrated. Dosage depending on application:

For mopping: 5 table spoons on 10 l water (max 1%). Mop wooden floors regularly for cleaning and care.

Cleaning of tools: Use concentrated then rinse thoroughly with water.

Heavy dirt: Use concentrated.

Hand Soap Dispensers: Dilute 50 % with water.

Water, Potassium Soaps, Essential Oils

Weight N/A

500ml, 1L, 5L