ProNature Oil Colour Concentrates are our wood oils with the highest pigmentation. Can be applied directly to stain & seal or may be diluted with ProNature Indoor/Outdoor/Rock or Hardwax Oil and you create your own colour.

Oil Colour Concentrate



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Storage/Shelf life: Store in a cool, dry place. Minimum stability 18 month in closed container.

Disposal: Please reccyle container.

Package Sizes: 100ml, 500ml, 1l, 5l

Safety: Natural ingredients may cause allergies. Use only as directed. Store out of reach of children. Supervise
Children during use.


Product is ready to use. Do not dilute. (However, depending on the type of wood, thinning the first coat by 10%
with ProNature Plant Turpentine may be required.)

• If surface been previously coated: remove all coating by sanding/paint stripper.
• Surface must be dry, clean and dust-free. Sand wood to a fine, smooth finish using min grit 100.
• Stir well!
• Apply liberally using brush or short bristle paint roller (or wipe with cloth) until saturation is reached.
• Remove and dry off any excess thoroughly that has not been absorbed after about 10 min using a lint-free cloth i.e. ProNature Mutton Cloth.
• Leave to dry for a minimum of 6 hours and if necessary lightly sand the surface before ap

Use ProNature Plant Turpentine for tools.

Linseed oil, plant oils, essential oils, lead-free driers, pigments of natural occurrence or non-toxic mineral

ProNature Colours must not be applied in the same spray booth as nitrocellulose-based laquers or stainers.

Soaked, used cloths may spontaneously combust, and should be spread open, or kept safely in a tightly sealed tin after use.

Technical data sheet – Oil Colour Concentrate

Weight N/A

100ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre


Charcoal, Dark Coffee, Great White, Red Oxide, Transparent Red Oxide, Yellow Oxide, Transparent Yellow Oxide, Ultramarine Blue, Chrome Oxide Green, Solid Black


Indoor, Outdoor