Mutton cloth is an essential, versatile cleaning and polishing cloth with many uses. ProNature Mutton Cloth is made from 100% cotton, and can be cut to depending on your desired use and reused a number of times before being discarded. It can be used for numerous applications because the weave does not cause scratches to appear on delicate surfaces. Use it to apply polish to wooden surfaces, to apply wood stain to a newly created piece of furniture, and much more. With excellent absorption ProNature mutton cloth also cleans up spills quickly. An inexpensive, extremely versatile cleaning tool.

Mutton Cloth


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A ProNature mutton cloth roll is

  • 400g,
  • 100% cotton
  • Approximate dimensions: 22cm length, diameter 9cm.

Benefits and uses for ProNature Mutton Cloth

  • wipe away sawdust during woodwork projects
  • apply wood stain
  • apply polish to wooden surfaces
  • clean up accidental oil spills
  • wipe greasy or dirty hands
  • apply and remove polish from vehicles
  • used to strain liquids from food
  • keep food fresh
  • for steam cooking
  • maintain the freshness of the meat during refrigeration
  • to clean surfaces in and around the house
  • clean up liquid spills
  • clean windows

Did You Know? The name mutton cloth is derived from its original use for the wrapping of frozen meat.


Safety tip: Don’t let your rags pile up in the corner of your workshop, as some of the chemicals that may build up on them can cause them to ignite spontaneously. Dispose of them responsibly and clean them regularly to avoid combustion and other hazards (We thought we should explain the safety warning that comes on the mutton cloth in case you were puzzled!).

Weight .2 kg