A blend of plant oils and waxes created to protect and nourish wood furniture. It comes in a matte or sheen finish and is available in more than 40 colours.

ProNature HardWax Oil can be used on all interior timber, including:
Wooden furniture (Tables, chairs, desks, cupboards, bed frames etc).
Cutting boards (ProNature HardWax Oil is food safe!!!)
Kitchen counters and more.

Natural, Non-toxic, Biodegradable

HardWax Oil



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Stir material well before application. For maintenance ProNature HardWax Oil (choose same colour as was used for the original coating) is applied liberally using a brush or roller. In order to avoid glossy spots and prolonged drying it is necessary to remove any excess thoroughly that has not been absorbed after about 10 min using a lint-free cloth. Leave to dry for a minimum 6 hrs.

Only surfaces, which are subject to extreme weather conditions, should receive an additional coating after a 24 hr drying period.

In general, it is adequate to apply a single coat of ProNature HardWax Oil for maintenance purposes. More coats may become necessary if maintenance had been neglected and the original coating has completely deteriorated. In this case it is recommended to re-apply ProNature as described in our technical data sheet or on the product container.

Use ProNature Plant Turpentine for brushes & rollers. Use ProNature Plant Soap Concentrate for severe stains and prior to re-oiling.

Linseed oil, blend of vegetable oils, gumrosin, beeswax, carnauba wax, silicic acid, lead-free driers, (natural and non-toxic mineral pigments in tinted product only). TVOC (total volatile organic content) = 29.10 g/litre

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Weight N/A

500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre


Sheen, Matte

Clear / Tinted (Colours)

Clear, Tinted


Mid Brown (classic), Pewter (classic), Splash of White (classic), Light Brown (classic), Imbuia (classic), Chestnut (classic), Mahogany (classic), Black (trend), Antique Brown (trend), Natural Light (trend), Smoke (trend), Blue Grey (trend), Modern Grey (trend), Weathered (trend), Kapok Root (trend), Light Orange (unique), Walnut (unique), Curry (unique), Nutmeg (unique), Olive (unique), Seagreen (unique), Skye Blue (unique), Turquoise (unique), Cotton White (unique), Floating Cloud (unique), Ash Grey (unique), Storm Grey (unique), Gun Smoke (unique), Hint of Grey (unique), Haze (unique), None

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