Set: 500ml ProNature Hand Cleanser + 250ml ProNature Hand Sanitizer

ProNature Hand Sanitizer is based on the WHO-recommended hand rub formulation. Anti-viral, antibacterial and highly effective.

ProNature Hand Cleanser is a beautifully orange-scented, moisturizing liquid hand soap with antimicrobial ingredients. Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and gentle to the skin.

Hand Cleanser & Sanitizer Set (mist spray top)


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Sanitizer: Apply a palmful of ProNature Hand Sanitizer and cover all surfaces of the hands. Rub hands until dry


1. Wet your hands and apply ProNature Hand Cleanser.

2. Rub your palms together.

3. Rub the back of each hand.

4. Rub both your hands while interlocking your fingers.

5. Rub the back and the tips of your fingers

6. Rub your thumbs and the ends of your wrists

7. Rinse both hands properly with water and dry with clean towel

Sanitizer: Ethanol, Water, Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide.

Cleanser: Water, Blend of plant oils as Potassium Soaps, Citrates, Ethanol, Orange Peel Oil

pn hand cleanser tds

pn hand sanitizer tds

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