This is an all-natural thinning agent made from gum turpentine by ProNature for a natural, safe application. It works to clean all kinds of paint brushes, rollers, cleaning cloths, equipment and surfaces as well as to thin out other ProNature products such as their Wood Paint. Gum Turpentine is almost a must have when using ProNature coatings as it is perfect for cleaning scratches etc. on varnished surfaces that need to be spot repaired. Gum turpentine is also the thinner of choice for artists for oil mediums and is the best solvent for natural resins, readily dissolving most natural varnish resins.

Gum Turpentine (Artist's Turps)



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What is Gum Turpentine?

Gum Turpentine is obtained by the distillation of sap tapped from living pine trees. Turpentine has more solvency than mineral spirits or odourless mineral spirits. Its high solvent strength makes it the best choice for thinning oils and natural resins.

This is the traditional artists’ thinner (diluent) for oil colours, mediums and varnishes. It improves the flow and dissolves wet oil colours easily and evaporates readily. Add directly to oil colours, mediums or varnishes for thinning; soak brushes well to remove colour or varnish.

Turpentine is considered to be a better solvent than mineral spirits, and the best solvent for natural resins, such as damar and mastic. It readily dissolves most of the natural varnish resins.

Gum turpentine and essential oils.


500ml, 1L, 5L