For the love of your wood!

Oiled surfaces are very easy to maintain, no need to re-sand the entire surface to give it a fresh look. Just clean, oil, and voila!

Easy Cleaning
Easy Re-Oiling
All you need in one set

Furniture Care Set


The Set contains:
500ml ProNature Care Oil, 500ml Plant Soap Concentrate, 50mm Paint Brush, mutton cloth, scrubbing pad, sand paper.

ProNature Plant Soap Concentrate:
• Shake well.
• Dilute ProNature Plant Soap in warm water or use
concentrated on heavy dirt / weathered wood.
• Use mutton cloth or scrubbing pad (for heavy dirt)
• Heavy dirt: leave to penetrate for 5-10 minutes
• Wipe off with clean water

ProNature Care Oil:
• Apply sparingly until the whole surface is covered. (with
paint brush or Mutton Cloth
• Wait 15 minutes
• Rub and dry off any excess that has not been absorbed
thoroughly use ProNature Mutton Cloth to avoid glossy
spots and prolonged drying time
• Leave to dry for 12 hours

Wipe off with clean water

ProNature Care Oil: Linseed oil, gum rosin, plant oils, essential oils., TVOC (total volatile organic content) = 727.76
ProNature Plant Soap Concentrate: Water, Potassium Soaps, Citrates, Ethanol, Essential Oils

Natural ingredients may cause allergies. Use only as directed. Store out of reach of children. Supervise children during use.

Product is ignitable! Soaked, used cloths may spontaneously combust, and should be spread open, or kept safely in a tightly sealed tin or best to be submersed in water after use.

Technical data sheet – Furniture Care Set

Weight 1 kg