Can natural paint compete with conventional wall paint?

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There are many questions surrounding the use of natural vs. conventional wall paint. And the price point usually wins when it comes to conventional. But why would your choice be natural paints – especially for your interiors? We unpack below.

Natural paints are good for the planet and good for you!

Natural paints are made from purely natural raw materials. They are completely biodegradable and can be composted. Even the buckets and containers are easily reusable. They are safe to use for allergy sufferers and even to use around babies and animals. No harsh chemical smells!

Not everything that is labelled “natural” or “organic” is necessarily good. Only full declarations of ingredients reveal if the paint is truly natural or if only individual synthetic components have been replaced by natural ones. For a product to be labelled natural there can be no aromatics, liquid hydrocarbons that evaporate in the room after painting, or other petro-chemicals as solvents.

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What are natural paints?

Natural paints, like ProNature, are comprised of renewable raw materials, processed natural substances and mineral additives. Water is primarily used as the solvent, and only vegetable and mineral raw materials, such as natural resin, is used as the binder. Many conventional products contain solvents that are harmful to the planet, and that can cause problems for sensitive people or allergy sufferers.

Other ingredients are lime, natural colour pigments and essential oils. Caution is advised, however, especially with the essential oils: Even natural ingredients may emit vapours and odours which are not necessarily perceived as pleasant by everyone. ProNature limits these ingredients and only makes use of them where technically required.

So to answer the question… can natural paints compete with conventional wall paint?

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When it comes to yield per square metre and opacity, natural paints can absolutely compete with conventional wall paints! And, when it comes to application, natural paints are no different from conventional paints: highly absorbent surfaces should be primed beforehand, otherwise one to two coats of paint are usually sufficient. Compared to synthetic paints, natural paints may have marginally longer drying times.

Good for you, the planet, and no compromise on quality!

ProNature natural paints are available in white as well as in countless colour variations and customises natural paints to meet your personal colour requirements.

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