Launching ProNature’s latest product – Opus Ebony

Ebonizer Kit

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Want to achieve a black wood finish without the plastic look? Look no further! ProNature Ebonizer has arrived. Get a black or dark effect by ebonizing your timber! This product compliments the natural grain of the wood while beautifully darkening the wood to whichever intensity you would like.

Varnish, Paint, Stain, Sealer or ProNature’s Wood Treatments

Ebonizing 101:

There are two ways to ebonize and the methods are dependent on the wood you are working with:​

Timbers with low tannin levels (e.g. Ash, Maple, Birch, Pine) require a pre-treatment before applying ProNature Ebonizer. ProNature Pre-Treatment is ready to use but may be diluted to achieve different effects. Surface must be dry, clean and dust-free. Sand wood to a fine, smooth finish using min grit 100. Evenly apply a liberal layer of ProNature Pre-Treatment using a sponge, brush or short bristle paint roller (important note: use metal-free tools). Leave to dry thoroughly before applying ProNature Ebonizer following below instructions. Sanding between applications is not required.

Ebonizer applicated
Applied Ebonizer

On tannin-rich woods (like Oak, Teak, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Merbau, Jarrah), the reaction can be instantaneous. To achieve an intense black use ProNature Ebonizer as is, or dilute to achieve weathered effect.​ Surface must be dry, clean and dust-free. Sand wood to a fine, smooth finish using min grit 100. Evenly apply a liberal layer using sponge, brush or short bristle paint roller (important note: use metal-free tools).

If the surface starts to feel rough, lightly sand between applications. Through this process the colour will become uniformly dark. Sometimes a lighter shade of black looks great, so you may want to call it quits after one or two applications. When you’re satisfied with the colour, wipe down the wood with a damp cloth to remove any residue from the solution.

Let the wood dry thoroughly before applying the finish - ProNature Indoor or Outdoor. 

And voila! Opus Ebony!

From The Desk Of The Green Chemist

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