Our most frequently asked questions and answers
Yes, to a certain degree. Some colours, such as bright yellows or flaming reds, cannot be reached without synthetic ingredients. 
We’re passionate about mixing a special colour shade for you but we will always follow our philosophy of using mineral or plant pigments only.
No. Application of ProNature Wall Paints & Primers are identical to the conventional products.
Absolutely!  ProNature is the perfect choice for wooden toys, cribs, furniture & walls as our products are non-toxic &  zero VOCs
Yes, ProNature Products are non-toxic and predominantly VOC free. But depending on their age (and/or temperament) supervision might be advisable

Yes, after application & drying time these products are food safe.

All our products are made in Cape Town with German expertise, local is lekker. 

Many painters, builders and architects are already familiar with ProNature, but if not, they can get the information they need from our Technical Data Sheets.
You can also contact us and we guide them to the right products & application. Where possible we even conduct training sessions either on site or at our clients workshops.
  • Low allergy: The natural base of ProNature Products allows your family to enjoy a better healthier lifestyle.
  • Non-Poisonous: All ProNature Products are based on natural materials only and make your home and your environment a safer place.
  • Free of dangerous Solvents: The ProNature Product range is totally free of dangerous solvents like Toluene Xylene, and Glycol ether derivates etc.
  • No Preservatives: Natural ingredients act perfectly as a preservative and NO additional synthetic preservatives are added.
  • Health and Environment: By using ProNature Products you are promoting the maintenance of a health balance between mankind and nature.

Please contact us and we will gladly try to be of assistance

For reasons of environmental safeness and ease of restoration, wooden floors for example should not be “sealed”. Even though the hardness of two component synthetic coatings can not be achieved with natural coatings, synthetic coatings are also not entirely safe from scratching and wear and can only be repaired by complete removal and re-coating. This is never the case with ProNature’s natural coatings and treatments because they are absorbed by wood, thereby nourishing and protecting from the inside out rather than by sealing off the surface. Maintenance or repairs are simply done by applying a fresh layer of ProNature natural coatings. This unique process helps to maintain the wood moisture balance (wood can breathe) and such creates a pleasant room climate.
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