Easter Egg Fun with Child Friendly Paints From ProNature

Easter Egg Crafts
Here's a child-friendly and fun Easter activity for you! Make your own Easter Egg decorations this year.

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Here’s a child-friendly and fun Easter activity for you! Don’t throw your eggshells away while doing your Easter baking. Up-cycle them by creating beautiful Easter Egg decorations. Painting is a fun activity for children (and even adults!) over Easter time. Below we have listed everything you will need as well as instructions for you to follow in order for you to create your fun, crafty, creations!

What you will need:

  • Eggs, brown or white
  • A needle
  • A bowl
  • Toothpicks
  • Thin thread/sewing floss
  • Some patience 🙂


1)         Wash the eggs well.

2)         Prick the eggs on the blunt end with a needle, then use the knife to enlarge the hole slightly bigger. (this should be done by an adult)

3)         Pierce the egg on the pointed end with a needle.

Tip: If you make 2-4 small holes, blowing the egg out of the shell is much easier than with just one hole (but if you scared to break the egg, make just one hole.)

4)         Blow out the egg white & yolk into a bowl – patience is sometimes required here! Blow at the pointed end where the small hole(s) are.

5)         When the egg is completely empty, rinse well with water (otherwise it will start to smell very bad!) and let it dry. (for the impatient ones – use a blow dryer)

6)         While you are waiting for the eggs to dry, whip up an omelet or a delicious cake! 😊

7)         Now the creative part starts – paint the egg using the contents from your ProNature Junior Box or Junior Tin.

8)         Cut a toothpick into thirds, fasten a thin thread (sewing floss works well) and insert it into the hole at the blunt end. Hang up in the house or garden!

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