Penetrating, fast drying,
oil-based wood sealer in an extensive colour range as well as customised colours.

Natural, Non-Toxic, Food Safe.

Are you a shopfitter or carpenter looking for premium quality wood oils at an affordable price?

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Seal and stain all your timber with our interior & exterior sealers, nourish it with our oil, waxes & cleaners. Find your exact match in our extensive colour range and if you don’t – we’ll make it for you.

For the Love of Your Wood.

Indoor Wood Oils

A blend of plant oils to protect, impregnate, and optionally tint wood. Can be used on all interior timber, including floors, as well as all wooden furniture

Outdoor Wood Oils

Add a warming coat of ProNature Outdoor to your exterior wood with this natural, sustainable formulation that contains no harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde or aromatic solvents found in ordinary paint.

Hard & Softwood Lye

Ready to use hard and softwood lye lightly pigmented lye for preliminary treatment and lightening of new sanded wood before treatment with ProNature Plant Soap Concentrate.

Wood Waxes & Tints

Antiquing Wax is a blend of natural oils & waxes. It penetrates deeply and beautifies the grain of the wood.

Wood Cleaners

For use every day, ProNature Wood Cleaner is an effective cleaning solution for all your interior & exterior wooden surfaces, such as furniture, cutting boards, floors and more. VOC Free and Food Safe

Wood Care Oils

Care Oil is an orange-scented treatment for the maintenance of indoor wooden surfaces. It may be used on untreated wood or to maintain wooden surfaces treated with ProNature Indoor.

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The Green Chemist


What are VOCs? Are VOCs toxic?

The current hype to ban or at least reduce VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCs) has befallen the paint industry and the paint consumer alike and the latter is probably in need of explanation what VOCs are all about.

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The Other Paints – There is more to it than just “Lead-Free”

The industrial chemically manufactured paints and coatings undoubtedly have seen enormous technical developments during the last century. The question that is asked more and more often is: Why are paints manufactured in ever-increasing volumes which renounce the use of modern ingredients from synthetic chemistry and why are they sold successfully?

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