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Outdoor Wood Sealer

ProNature Outdoor is a blend of plant oils created to protect, stain and seal your outdoor wood! Suitable for any type of timber and provides protection from water and sun damage.

ProNature Outdoor is the one-stop solution for all your outdoor wood.
Outdoor Furniture
Wendy Houses
and more!

ProNature Outdoor is a natural, sustainable formulation, containing no harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde or aromatic solvents found in ordinary paint – it is truly eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. Choose from the extensive colour range with more than 40 colours or let us create your customised Colour.

ProNature Max Black wood stain 1

MAX Black

Maximum pigmented black stain and pre-colour for interior and exterior wood. For best results
simply seal it with oil-based ProNature products i.e., Wax Balm, Outdoor, Indoor, Rock.

ProNature Rescue

A blend of natural solvents to remove excess oil, which has not penetrated into the
timber thoroughly and dried on the surface.

Wood Workers

Wood Workers Previous Next Extensive product range of timber finishes for YOUR projects. We offer you a personal service so you can make your client (and your wife) happy! Myriad range of colours + colour sampling, matching and customized colours. The extensive coverage, long-time product stability in opened container, various container sizes to fit your …

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Professionals Previous Next We offer YOU personal service so you can make your client happy! Easily applied interior & exterior wood and wall paints & sealers in an extensive colour range, plus customized colours & colour matching. All products are locally manufactured to European Standard. Interior & Exterior Wood Stains & SealersStain & Seal in …

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Your Home

Your Home Previous Next Safe for you, safe for your family & pets and safe for your planet. Paints for your exterior and interior Walls & Ceilings and furniture. Wood Sealers for exterior & interior use. Clean and Care products for your home. All non-toxic, natural and biodegradable products. And not to miss, Junior Paints …

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Hospitality Previous Next Restaurants, Hotels, Lodges, Guesthouses, Schools & kindergartens, Retirement villages, Beauty Salons & Spas – everything for your new build or renovation, your general maintenance and daily cleaning. Let’s breathe easy and paint a greener future! Interior & Exterior Wood Stains & SealersStain & Seal in one – Decks & Pergolas, Jungle Gyms, …

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Architects & Designers

Architects & Designers Previous Next We offer YOU personal service so you can make your client happy and be a part of extending green living. Interior & Exterior finishes for your project: from private housing to restaurants, hotels, lodges, guesthouses, schools & kindergartens, retirement villages, Beauty Salons & Spas, you name it. All products are …

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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks Instructional:ProNature Indoor & Outdoor Application takes you through a detailed demonstration of how to apply both ProNature Indoor and ProNature Outdoor wood treatments. Instructional:ProNature Outdoor Wood Deck Oiling

Wood Oils

Penetrating, fast drying, oil-based wood sealer in an extensive colour range as well as customised colours. Natural, Non-Toxic, Food Safe. Are you a shopfitter or carpenter looking for premium quality wood oils at an affordable price? Discover Our Products Seal and stain all your timber with our interior & exterior sealers, nourish it with our …

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Oil Colour Concentrate

ProNature Oil Colour Concentrates are our wood oils with the highest pigmentation. Can be applied directly to stain & seal or may be diluted with ProNature Indoor/Outdoor/Rock or Hardwax Oil and you create your own colour.

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets Timber Treatments Care Oil Oil Colour Concentrate Softwood Lye Hardwood Lye Wood Cleaner Antiquing Wax Outdoor Indoor Furniture Care Set HardWax Oil Ebonizer Wood & Wall Paints Aqua Enamel Wall & Ceiling Plaster Primer Rock Paint Wall Protect The Junior Tin Junior Paint The Junior Box Clean & Care Wax Balm Wood …

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indoor outdoor sample

Colours – Wood Sealers

Indoor / Outdoor Timber & Rock Colour Range Trend Colours Black Coloured by earth Antique Brown Coloured by earth Natural Light Coloured by earth Smoke Coloured by earth Blue Grey Coloured by earth Modern Grey Coloured by earth Weathered Coloured by earth Kapok Root Coloured by earth Classic Colours Mid Brown Coloured by earth Pewter …

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What are VOCs? Are VOCs toxic?

The current hype to ban or at least reduce VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCs) has befallen the paint industry and the paint consumer alike and the latter is probably in need of explanation what VOCs are all about.