ProNature Wall 20L


For the finishing of all mineral substrates (plaster, concrete etc.) and organic substrates (wall paper, wood etc.)


Interior waterborne natural resin based wall finish.

For the finishing of all mineral substrates (plaster, concrete etc.) and organic substrates (wall paper, wood etc.)

ProNature Wall is ready for use but should be stirred well before use.
The paint can be applied by brush, roller, foam pad or suitable spraying equipment.
Allow 2 – 4 hours drying time (depending on ambient temperatures) between coats, when subsequent coats are desired. Under normal circumstances a dual coat with undiluted ProNature Wall is sufficient.
ProNature Wall fully dries within 24 hours depending on ambient conditions and reaches its final maturity after about 4 weeks.

Cold weather and high humidity will retard the drying!!!
Before applying ProNature Wall over existing coatings like eggshell enamels and other synthetic finishes ensure that the previous finish has a sound adhesion. Always remove loose finishes thoroughly and pre-sand high gloss finishes.
Care must be taken to also remove all existing traces of algae and mould growth by washing walls with
ProNature Mould Stop.
Clean tools with water.

Water, Calcium carbonate, Kaolin, Pigments of natural occurrence or non toxic mineral pigments, Linseed oil, Sunflower oil,
Casein, Borates, Gum rosin, Cellulose ether, Potassium sorbate, Eucalyptus oil, Ammonia.
Note: Natural products are not odour and emission free. Consider possible allergies!
TVOC (total volatile organic content) = 2.29 g/litre


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White, Azura5, Azura20, Azura40, Azura60, Azura100, Black1, Black5, Black20, Black40, Black60, Black100, Blue1, Blue5, Blue20, Blue40, Blue60, Blue100, Choco5, Choco20, Choco40, Choco60, Choco100, Green1, Green5, Green20, Green40, Green60, Green100, Modern Brown1, Modern Brown2, Modern Brown5, Modern Brown20, Modern Brown40, Modern Brown60, Modern Brown400, Patina5, Patina20, Patina40, Patina60, Patina100, Pumpkin1, Pumpkin2, Pumpkin5, Pumpkin20, Pumpkin40, Pumpkin60, Pumpkin100, Red1, Red5, Red20, Red40, Red60, Red100, Sky Blue5, Sky Blue20, Sky Blue40, Sky Blue60, Sky Blue100, Terra Cotta1, Terra Cotta5, Terra Cotta20, Terra Cotta40, Terra Cotta60, Terra Cotta100, Yellow1, Yellow5, Yellow20, Yellow40, Yellow60, Yellow100