ProNature Floor 1L


Blend of plant oils and gum resin for the protection of wooden floors.

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For reasons of environmental safeness and ease of restoration wooden floors should not be “sealed”. Even though the hardness of two component synthetic coatings cannot be achieved with natural coatings, synthetic coatings are also not entirely safe from scratching and wear and can only be repaired by complete removal and recoating.
Natural coatings have the added advantage not to contain any ingredients, which could cause harmful emissions, like formaldehyde or aromatic solvents, which could increase the risk of cancer.

Stir material well before application. ProNature Floor is applied liberally using a brush or short bristle paint roller until saturation is reached. In order to avoid glossy spots and prolonged drying it is important to remove and dry off any excess thoroughly that has not been absorbed after about 10-15 min using a lint-free cloth or a floor-polishing machine leaving a surface dry to the touch. Leave to dry for 6 hrs.
Then thinly apply second coat of ProNature Floor. Remove any excess thoroughly that has not been absorbed directly after application using a lint-free cloth or a floor-polishing machine (soft pad) leaving a surface dry to the touch. If a third coat is desired, proceed as described above.

The durability of an oiled wooden floor highly depends on regular cleaning and care. For the first week floors should not be cleaned wet but only swept. Thereafter floors are cleaned with a solution of ProNature Plant Soap and wiped with a damp cloth only.
Should the surfaces oiled with ProNature Floor show any signs of wear and tear (which may appear especially in high traffic areas) wet cleaning with ProNature Plant Soap should at regular intervals be followed by polishing the floors with ProNature Care Oil (please follow instructions; see separate tech. data sheet)
ProNature Floor is spot repairable and should small damages from wear or scratching occur just clean the area thoroughly using ProNature Plant Turpentine where necessary, and sand concerned area lightly with steel wool or fine scouring pad. Remove dust and apply a thin layer of ProNature Floor with a soft cloth. Remove excess and leave to dry for approx. 6 hrs. The treated area should not be walked on for 48 hours.

Linseed oil, gum resin, and plant oils, essential oils, lead-free driers.
Note: Natural products are not odour and emission free. Consider possible allergies!
TVOC (total volatile organic content) = 341.28 g/litre

The water resistance of the coating will only be reached after approximately seven days and will further improve with age!!!
Cold weather and high humidity will retard the drying process!