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How can I clean/repair wood once treated with ProNature Products?

ProNature Finishes are spot repairable and should small damages from wear or scratching occur just clean the area thoroughly with ProNature Plant Turpentine where necessary, and sand concerned area lightly with steel wool or fine scouring pad. Remove dust and apply a thin layer of ProNature Floor, Table Top, Outdoor or Rock with a soft cloth. Thereafter i.e. floors are cleaned with a neutral soap solution, like our ProNature Plant Soap and wiped with a damp cloth only.

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Are there any smells or fumes or health risks?

The only smell pleasantly recognised is that of essential oils like orange peel oil or of the plant oils itself. None of these is dangerous and the smell will disappear during drying. Adequate ventilation should be provided with any application of ProNature products. Natural paints and finishes can have a strong characteristic fragrance from the natural raw materials used in the product. Therefore please consider possible allergies.

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How long is the drying time?

Allow a 12-hour drying time in between coats. Most products fully cure within 7 days but are dry within at least 48 hours. Please avoid water clean up of fresh surfaces during the drying period. Our ProNature Wall will take longer to cure.
Water resistance improves with age.

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How many m² does 1 Liter cover?

ProNature Table Top covers approx. 9 -14 m² per liter.
ProNature Floor covers approx. 9 -14 m² per liter.
ProNature Outdoor covers approx. 10 m² per liter.
ProNature Rock covers approx. 9- 16 m² per liter.
ProNature Wall covers approx. 6 m² per liter. Please note that the coverage highly depends on the wood or stone type!

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How do I prepare the surface before applying the ProNature Product?

  • Wooden Surface
    Clean surface and sand wood to a very fine, smooth finish using grit i.e. 100, preferably finer 180 or higher. Surface must be dry, clean and dust-free.
  • Stone Surface All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of loose particles. Care must also be taken to provide a neutral surface. Therefore it is recommended to pre-treat surfaces with an acid wash where necessary.

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Why should I use ProNature Products?

  • Low allergy
    The natural base of ProNature Products allows your family to enjoy a better healthier lifestyle.
  • Non-Poisonous All ProNature Products are based on natural materials only and make your home and your environment a safer place.
  • Free of dangerous Solvents
    The ProNature Product range is totally free of dangerous solvents like Toluene Xylene, and Glycol ether derivates etc.
  • No Preservatives/Biocides
    Natural ingredients act perfectly as a preservative and NO additional synthetic preservatives or biocides are added.
  • Health and Environment
    By using ProNature Products you are promoting the maintenance of a health balance between mankind and nature.
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